Lakshmi Veeramasuneni (Sue) is a licensed realtor and speaks 3 languages, English, Hindi and Telugu. She went to catholic school while growing up in multiple cultures and religion believes. She is a proud immigrant and US Citizen combining the best of the both worlds and resident of Wheaton for over 12 years.  
She bought, sold, remodeled houses and spent countless hours, sleepless nights with ever ending choices, options and confusion and many. At the end she gained valuable experience from lessons learned. With that experience she helped friends and family to find the best homes in South Western Suburbs as someone that has been though that complicated process.
Been through with good and bad experiences of buying and selling homes, she totally can understand first time or even second time buyers or sellers roller coasters of emotions. 
In the industry many buyers and sellers mentioned selling or buying real- estate is combination of  Confusing, Frustrating, Overwhelming, Disappointing, Shocking, Annoying experience filled with Nervousness, Foolishness, Oblivious, Remorseful feelings instead of Optimistic, Exciting, Encouraging, Relieving,  Grateful, Fruitful,  Hopeful and feeling being Smart.  
She believes it doesn’t have to be that way. She doesn’t believe “getting done” is an option for few but “getting done the right way” is her way of solution. She listens, learns and understands her buyers and seller’s needs, wants and desires to find the right solution to make their dreams come to reality. After all home is a sweet home. 
She says, “Home is a castle of happiness, a place to share memories, a place to share hope and dreams...At the end it is an American Dream earned with hardworking money”. The need and thought of finding sweet home is exciting for many while erasing foot prints for few with life time disasters of Death, Divorce and Unemployment. Buying, Selling or Upgrading is an emotional roller costar of emotion. Regardless it’s a place for families to be together to grow, to share with friends and family with pride.
Sue understands the pain, she understands the gain, she understands the importance of your castle, your lovely home, and your sweet home as she always says "There is no better vacation other than your own home".
She believes opportunity is priceless; instead of waiting for it, she should find that opportunity, while doing everything possible and do whatever it takes for those who put their trust and confidence in her. 
She welcomes that opportunity to work with potential buyers and sellers who are in the market at present or future regardless of that need is first time, second time, upgrade, moving, investment or even with desperation.